Level Editor

Choose from three challenging game modes: MARATHON, HAVOC, PUZZLE. Battle challenging block types with bombs and other awesome Power-Ups. Play through over 200 original Puzzle Levels with beautiful music and original artwork. Design your own Puzzle Levels with the Level Editor and share them with your friends.

For more feature details, view theĀ app on iTunes.

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    • Sure.

      Track list is:
      Bonjour Mr Bond – by Stuart Moore
      Fiddler On The Move – by Dan Foster
      King Of Kings Remix – traditional melody remix by Corrigan Clay
      Man From Manhattan – by Dan Foster
      Pals We Must Not Grow Old – traditional Russian song remix by Corrigan Clay
      Polka Fun 2 – by Alexander Khaskin
      Sugar Plum Fairy – traditional melody remix by Corrigan Clay
      Sure-no-bull – traditional melody remix by Corrigan Clay

      We were going for a Russian folk / klezmer feel for the music.

        • Some songs were licensed from shockwave-sound.com, productiontrax.com, and audiomicro.com.
          Some songs were created exclusively for RR3D!

          Theme song is a remix of the traditional Russian song “Pals We Must Not Grow Old”. The original song can be found on http://www.audiomicro.com or elsewhere on the web (not sure about iTunes), but the remix was made just for RR3D.

          • it’s a pity, brate.. you should make game songs available for itunes . I would purchase )

            I still play this game regularly

  1. This game is literally everything I have been looking for. Did you design this app with me in mind?
    Amazing work, well worth the money. Out of curiosity, is there a way to change the settings so that you have to clear entire height levels instead of just lines on that height level? As in, needing to place a block in every single spot on the floor before you get all of them cleared.
    Thanks so much for the work, this game is great and I think you for it!

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